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Cost Illustration

Use the calculator to work out the cost of getting weekly cash for your timesheets.

What is your daily rate?

£ 0

How often do you submit a timesheet?

What are your invoice payment terms with your client?

0 Days

£ 0.00

per week

That's less than one hour's work for...


80% of your timesheet straight to your business bank account!


We issue invoices to your client on your behalf!

Peace of Mind

We credit check your client for you, at no extra cost!


Full credit control service, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best!

Tax Deductible Finance

All costs are fully tax deductible as a business expense!

Based on a day rate of £100, timesheet, monthly invoice £2400, payment terms = £0 per month, or 0% *


*This figure is indicative and intended as a guide only. The calculation is based on a 20 day working month and your client paying within the prescribed payment terms selected. It assumes a Corporation Tax Rate of 20%. The cost includes raising and issuing your invoice and collection of funds.