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Enhance your IR35 status and get paid quicker

Are you trading through your own Limited Company?


Are you concerned about IR35?


Would you like to improve cashflow and be paid quicker?


Do you want to get paid weekly?


If you answer yes to any of the above you may wish to secure corporate finance for your Limited Company.

Why does this enhance my IR35 status?

Raising corporate finance demonstrates that you are managing a financial risk, thereby strengthening your IR35 position. HMRC legislation states that:


"individuals who risk their own money by, for example, buying assets ... and bearing the running costs and paying for overheads ... are almost certainly self-employed".*


If your company is subject to an HMRC IR35 enquiry the Inspector will consider a number of factors including whether or not you are in business on your own account, or would you be regarded as a disguised employee. HMRC states that "Employees are not usually expected to risk their own capital".

What can UCF and Qdos do for me?

Historically there has been a general unwillingness on the part of traditional banks to lend in this marketplace.

However, we now have the solution, Timesheet Finance™ our low cost weekly finance option specifically designed for Freelance Contractors. Our simple to use calculator demonstrates the low cost in obtaining these benefits.

We have teamed up with Qdos Status Services Limited (QSSL) to launch this initiative, QSSL are one of the UK’s leading experts on IR35 matters and are able to provide you with contract assessments and competitively priced business insurances to ensure your business is compliant.

What is Timesheet FinanceTM?

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Quote ENHANCEMYIR35STATUS to receive 5% discount on your UC Finance service charge for the first six months, and a 5% discount on QDOS IR35 Status Reviews