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Enhance your IR35 status

Now with FREE £50,000 IR35 Tax Enquiry Protection & IR35 Contract Assessment!

To date, the bulk of IR35 enquiries start with a PAYE compliance visit, an enquiry from a tax return or, from 2012, a low score from HMRC’s new Business Entity Test, and could possibly end up at a Tax Tribunal (formerly Commissioners' Hearing).

For this reason Tax Protection is an absolute must for all freelancers, affording total peace of mind in the event of a PAYE compliance visit or enquiry. Your case will be handled by one of a team of IR35 Tax Specialists - all fees that you would otherwise have to pay for representation are covered under the policy. All this peace of mind is provided FREE for UC Finance clients (see terms) or can be purchased from our Insurance Shop

Terms & Conditions

This offer is only valid for Clients registering with UC Finance during the months of December 2012 and January & February 2013. If the Client terminates their finance agreement at any time thereafter the benefit of Tax Enquiry Protection will cease immediately.

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Tax Enquiry Protection

  • Professional representation and attendance in the event of a PAYE compliance review
  • Insurance of fees up to £50,000 incurred representing you in defence of:
    1. An IR35 dispute
    2. A PAYE/NIC dispute
    3. A VAT dispute
    4. A HM Revenue & Customs aspect enquiry
    5. A HM Revenue & Customs full enquiry
    6. A Section 660A dispute

Contract Assessment

Our IR35 Contract Assessment gives you everything you need to ensure your contract is IR35 compliant. The assessment provides an overall 'pass or fail' opinion plus a concise list of any necessary changes. Your contract will be assessed by independent consultants, who are IR35 specialists and have a wealth of experience in dealing with status enquiries.

Having a review or assessment of your contract shows you have taken 'reasonable steps' to ascertain your status is outside of IR35. This will reduce the risk of penalties being applied if your status is subsequently challenged. The IR35 Contract Assessment also includes access to specialist tax and IR35 helplines, provided by QDOS Consulting, one of the UK specialists in this area.