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Umbrella to Limited Company

Making the transition to Limited Company is easy – and with Timesheet FinanceTM you continue to get paid weekly.
In fact you could gain £1,075 annually.gain £000's annually. To find out how much, enter your info into the calculator.

What is your daily rate?

£ 0

Continue to get paid weekly with your Limited Company

  Weekly Monthly Annual
Umbrella £-59 £-253 £-3,042
Limited Company £-38 £-164 £-1,967
Cash Gain + £21 + £90 + £1,075

The results even include the cost of your Finance, Accountancy and Insurances!

  • UC Finance enables you to continue to get paid weekly
  • FW Accounting will set up your Limited Company and provide accountancy services
  • FreeAgent will provide online accountancy software
  • QDOS will provide your insurances

It really is a simple transition, and to help make things easier, we will co-ordinate everything for you. Contact us by:


Easy to use, online bookkeeping and accounting software. FreeAgent puts you in control of your business finances all through the year.

FW Accounting

FW Accounting’s fully inclusive service allows you to hand over all of your bookkeeping and accounting work, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.


Umbrella Company
This calculation is based on 52 weeks, 5 days per week. Deductions include standard umbrella margin and costs.

Limited Company
This calculation is based on 52 weeks, 5 days per week. Deductions include standard business expenses including accountancy fees, business insurances, and UC Finance fees.

Both calculations take into account tax at the prevailing rates. Higher rate taxes may be payable subject to dividend strategy through the Limited Company.

This figure is indicative and intended as a guide only. The calculation is based on a 20 day working month and your client paying on 30 Day credit terms. It assumes a Corporation Tax Rate of 20%. The cost includes raising and issuing your invoice and collection of funds. partnership: